It can be done

Do not believe the naysayers who say it cannot be done

Life-long experimenter

As a small child I always wanted to know how things worked, I usually found out by taking them apart.

I am not much different now though more things emerge from the experience in working condition.  The idea of this website is to pass on my experiences to others so that when you hear the words "it can't be done" you will think...."maybe it can be done".

A lot of projects shown here will be laser related as I have found this an interesting and rewarding hobby.

This is my first go at a web site, started  27th December 2008, it will grow and hopefully improve as it progresses.

Update!  As I am not proposing to pay the renewal for the site this may be my last hurrah editing the content in October 2013. I have no idea if the site will continue to float around in the ether to help people with laser info, it would be nice to think it will.

I am pleased to say that the Mini Jeep is now finished! I will do a video at some point to show it in action....Whether it gets on here is in the lap of the gods, anyway photo's below.



I also thought you might be interested in this....  

 for some reason lasers keep coming back into my life so this spy pen laser got built, details are in the link above, enjoy :)


Still valid note

20th June 2010 I am being warned, on a monthly basis, by webs service provider that I am running out of bandwidth and that my site could be shut down until we reach a new month, when they will switch it on again.....unless of course I pay them more money! I am not paying any more so if the site goes down try again another day :)

10th September 2010 I have removed the guest book from the index as it was attracting a load of spam.

Regards rog8811


7 colour laser, basic optics built and described within :)

A Vimeo movie of what it does may be found here


A tutorial on how to build a fliptop laser spiro can be found here:


A tutorial on building a pocket sized 7 colour laser with spiro projector may be found here:

Regards rog8811